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mythago ([personal profile] mythago) wrote2010-12-04 05:59 pm

Pale Reflections

I sail on...

Sailing through the waters of life, I had found that most coveted treasure.
honesty to a fault, compassion beyond measure, loyalty beyond doubt, tolerance beyond reason and a level of maturity - without a loss of a child-like wonder... all wrapped up in one beautiful shining package.

A noble heart, blazing with an inner fire akin to my own.

I lost that treasure.

Was it life's circumstances, an inconsistent wind, the promise of another shore?
Or, perhaps, the treasure was never really mine...

I sail on,

finding comfort where it may lay.
My treasure is both near and, yet, on some distant horizon - within my grasp yet, out of my reach.
a pale reflection of its once great luster.

I sail on,

Looking for a port to weather the storm within.

I shall sail on,

For as long as it takes - looking on pale reflections with remembrance

'Home is where the heart is'

They say you can never truly go home. 

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